Can a Colorado Attorney Help Me Fight a First-Time Colorado DUI?

Denver lawyerA skilled Colorado DUI defense lawyer can help you fight a Colorado DUI first offense. Even though it depends on the specific facts of your case, there are several possible defenses to DUI charges.

When you are charged with drunk driving, you should contact a Colorado DUI lawyer as soon as possible. It is important to remember that you only have seven days to request the hearing to keep your license. 

A Colorado DUI case can take time to investigate and research, involving:

Gathering of Evidence: Building your DUI case begins with gathering critical evidence. It includes:

  • Obtaining video and audio proof of your traffic stop
  • Locating potential witnesses
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Taking photographs of the alleged crime scene
  • Reviewing chemical test results
  • Obtaining arrest records
  • Determining if police have correctly calibrated and maintained testing equipment

Legal Research and Filing Motions: A skilled Colorado DUI lawyer will then use the evidence gathered as the basis for legal research and motion writing to support your case.

For instance, your attorney can file motions to challenge evidence. This includes filing motions to suppress evidence based on the following:

  • Improper breath testing procedures
  • Breath testing errors
  • Improper blood testing procedures
  • Medical conditions that lead to a false BAC result
  • High blood alcohol
  • Not having probable cause for a traffic stop
  • Not having a probable cause for a chemical test
  • Miranda rights violations

Negotiating Your Best Deal: A skilled Denver DUI defense attorney understands how to fight to get you the fairest deal you can get from the prosecutor. 

Some drunk driving cases don’t go to trial, and negotiating for a good deal on your behalf can help you avoid potential jail time and reduce your criminal charges. 

In some circumstances, someone facing a 1st time Colorado DUI can get the sentencing deferred and the case ultimately dismissed with the completion of community service and substance abuse classes.

Call a Denver DUI lawyer to prevent the scary realities of a DUI charge. To talk with a skilled Denver DUI attorney, call Baker Law Group today.

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