Can I Contest a Will in Colorado?

Understanding Colorado Wills and Trust Law

A will can be contested on a few different grounds. It is undoubtedly possible to contest a will successfully, but significant evidence is required, and the burden of proof is on the contester.

Denver Lawyer If you are considering contesting a will, consider discussing your argument and proof with an attorney. 

Some of the possible grounds for contesting a will include the following: 

  • Lack of capacity: proving that the testator did not have the necessary mental ability to sign a will 
  • Undue influence: proving that another individual, usually someone in a position of trust or power (such as a caretaker), coerced, manipulated, or pressured the testator into making or changing a will against their wishes • Revocation: proving that the testator wished to revoke the will being presented as valid 
  • Fraud: proving that the will was created or altered by someone other than the testator against the testator’s wishes.

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