Can I Get Damages Even When the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

Colorado Personal Injury Cases Can Be Tricky

Collecting from an uninsured Colorado driver can be challenging, but it can be accomplished with the help of a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Denver lawyerSuppose the injured driver does have car insurance. In that case, their policy may have “underinsured motorist coverage,” which provides for a certain amount of damages if another driver has no insurance or an insufficient amount to cover the injured party’s damages.

There are other collection methods as well, including:

  • garnishment of wages;
  • attachment of a lien to the responsible party’s property; and
  • payment agreements.

Do Not Go At It Alone

Insurance companies can be devious when attempting to avoid payment, even of a valid claim. With a Denver personal injury lawyer by your side, you are better protected from this type of behavior by insurance companies.

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