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Colorado Defamation: Can an Opinion be Defamation?

colorado defamation attorneyIn the legal world, defamation is a false and damaging statement about another person, which can be in the form of slander (spoken defamation) or libel (written defamation). 

To prove that someone has committed defamation, the person who was harmed must be able to show that the statement met certain requirements, including that the statement was false, caused them harm, and was made without any legal protection. 

The question of whether a statement of opinion constitutes defamation has a complex answer. Some people believe that only statements proven to be false can be considered defamation, and others believe any harmful statement about another person could be regarded as defamation. 

The most relevant inquiry when it comes to a statement of opinion is whether it implies the existence of a false and defamatory fact. Statements of pure opinion, rhetorical hyperbole, or other statements that do not contain or imply facts, and therefore cannot be proven false, are not considered defamation. 

Even if a statement is proven false, other factors may protect the person who made the statement from being sued for defamation. So, while an opinion can be considered defamation, it can be challenging to prove without proper legal counsel. 

If you believe you have been harmed by someone’s false and damaging statements, you should speak to a Colorado defamation lawyer. To find a great defamation lawyer Colorado residents trust, contact Baker Law Group.

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