How to Enforce Child Support Orders in Colorado

As a Colorado-based law firm specializing in family law, the Baker Law Group understands the challenges many parents face when dealing with child support issues. One such challenge is enforcing a child support order when the obligated parent fails to comply. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to enforce child support orders in Colorado.

Understanding Colorado Child Support Laws

Denver LawyerIn Colorado, both parents are obligated to financially support their children. Child support payments are designed to cover the child’s living expenses, education, health insurance, and other necessary costs.

The amount of child support to be paid is determined by the court during a divorce or separation proceeding and is based on the Colorado Child Support Guidelines.

However, there are instances when a parent fails to make these required payments. In these situations, the state of Colorado has mechanisms in place to enforce child support orders and ensure the financial wellbeing of the child is protected.

Enforcement Measures for Nonpayment

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Child Support Services (CSS), oversees the enforcement of child support orders. If a parent fails to meet their child support obligations, CSS has various methods to enforce the order:

  • Income Assignment: The most common enforcement technique is income assignment. An order for income assignment directs the noncustodial parent’s employer to withhold child support from the parent’s paycheck and forward it directly to CSS.
  • Liens on Property: CSS can place liens on a noncustodial parent’s property, such as homes, cars, or other valuable assets. This means the property cannot be sold until the owed child support is paid.
  • License Suspension: Colorado law allows CSS to suspend the noncustodial parent’s driver’s license, professional licenses, or hunting and fishing licenses if child support is unpaid.
  • Interception of State and Federal Payments: CSS can intercept tax refunds, lottery winnings, and other state or federal payments to cover owed child support.
  • Passport Denial: If the noncustodial parent owes $2,500 or more in child support, they may be denied a U.S. passport until they pay the owed support.

Legal Assistance

Navigating the complexities of child support enforcement can be challenging without professional legal assistance. It’s essential to work with a Colorado Family Attorney who understands the intricacies of child support enforcement.

Our team at Baker Law Group is skilled in dealing with all aspects of family law and can guide you through the process of enforcing a child support order. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Final Thoughts

Child support orders are not optional; they are legal obligations designed to ensure a child’s needs are met. If you’re struggling to enforce a child support order in Colorado, know that you’re not alone and that help is available. Reach out to the experienced Denver Family Lawyers at Baker Law Group for guidance and support.

Remember, every child deserves support from both parents, and every parent has a right to enforce a child support order for the benefit of their children. We’re here to help make that happen.

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