How to Request a Review of Child Support Order in Colorado

When a child support order is in place in Colorado, it significantly impacts the lives of both parents and the child involved.

However, circumstances change, and there may come a time when the existing order needs to be reviewed and possibly modified.

Whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent seeking to understand how to request a review of a child support order in Colorado, this article is here to guide you.

Understanding Child Support Orders in Colorado

Child support in Colorado is determined using guidelines that calculate the amount based on the parent’s gross income, the amount of time each parent spends with the child, and other costs such as health insurance and daycare. Once a child support order is established, it remains in effect until the child turns 19 or is otherwise emancipated.

When Can You Request a Review?

Under Colorado law, a child support order can be reviewed and adjusted if a substantial and continuing change in circumstances has occurred. This might include a significant change in either parent’s income, a change in the child’s needs, or a change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

Typically, a review can be requested three years after the last order was entered or modified. However, if there is a substantial change in circumstances before the three years, a review can be requested earlier.

The Process of Requesting a Review

Denver LawyerTo request a review, you can start by contacting the Colorado Child Support Services Program. This can be done in person, over the phone, or through their online portal.

You will need to provide information about the existing child support order, the reasons you are requesting a review, and any documentation to support these reasons.

The Child Support Services Program will then evaluate your request. If they determine that a review is warranted, they will work with both parents to gather financial information and calculate a new child support amount based on Colorado guidelines.

Possible Outcomes

There are three possible outcomes from a review: an increase in child support, a decrease in child support, or no change. If the review results in a proposed change that both parents agree to, the new order can be entered without a court hearing. If there is a disagreement, the matter will go to court, and a judge will make the final decision.

Legal Assistance

Navigating the process of requesting a review of a child support order can be complex and stressful. At Baker Law Group, our experienced Colorado family attorneys can guide you through this process, ensuring your rights and interests are protected every step of the way.

Life is full of changes, and Colorado law allows for child support orders to be adjusted to reflect these changes. Understanding the process of requesting a review is the first step in ensuring that your child’s financial needs are met. Remember, Baker Law Group is here to help with any questions or legal assistance you may need.

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