Is Probate Expensive in Colorado?

Understanding Probate Costs in Colorado

The basic costs for probate include a filing fee with the court (between $200 – $300 as of 2023), fees for certified copies of court documents (just over $20 per copy), and mailing costs to send copies of court documents to required parties.

Denver Probate Attorney costs for probate depend on the complexity and length of the case, influenced by the factors described above, and the degree to which the personal representative works independently or seeks the attorney’s assistance. In our office, we are open to adjusting our service levels to the client’s desires and needs.

Denver LawyerSome clients prefer to hand over the matter to the attorney and have us take on as much of the workload as possible, while others prefer to do anything they can on their own with occasional check-ins with our office.

We also try to delegate work within our office to paralegals and law clerks in a prudent manner to keep the estate’s legal costs down.

It is crucial to remember that attorney fees, as well as other professional fees (for example, accountant, realtor, or appraiser’s fees), can be paid from the estate’s assets and do not need to be paid from the personal representative’s funds.

If you’re navigating the complexities of Colorado probate and concerned about potential expenses, seeking legal advice is crucial. Baker Law Group, a renowned Colorado Probate Law Firm, has a team of dedicated Denver Probate Lawyers ready to guide you every step of the way.

Our expert attorneys understand the ins and outs of Denver probate, ensuring your experience is as stress-free and cost-effective as possible. Don’t let the probate process overwhelm you. Contact Baker Law Group today for a consultation and protect your rights and inheritance under Colorado law.

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