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Make sure you are getting advice from battle-tested attorneys who are DUI trial Experts.

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Baker Law Group provides aggressive defense to all Colorado DUI charges. We protect those accused of drunk driving in Colorado from unwarranted convictions and criminal charges. Our clients do not plead guilty when a more suitable outcome can be obtained. DUI convictions have life-changing consequences that go beyond criminal court penalties.

Avoid Colorado DUI Charges

The DUI laws in Colorado offer intense punishments for those convicted of operating a vehicle even slightly under the influence. The consequences of a DUI conviction can include lengthy jail sentences and the loss of your privilege to drive, not to mention extensive fees, community service, and substance abuse treatment, to name a few.

Even first offenses carry a 9-12 month revocation of your driver’s license and mandatory jail if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is too high. Every case is different, but the goal is always the same: avoid jail and keep your license. Do not go at it alone. The courts are complex and the stakes are high.

A DUI lawyer with many years of experience in this specialized field can be a crucial asset, pointing you in the right direction as you decide how to resolve your case. Having an expert DUI attorney is more important than ever when you have been charged with a drunk driving offense.

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Whether you made a full confession to the officer or kept quiet, do not plead guilty until our team of attorneys has thoroughly reviewed all aspects of your case. Contact our office today to avoid the harsh realities that come with being charged with a DUI.

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