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Should You Hire a Colorado Real Estate Lawyer Before You Buy?

Denver attorneyHiring a Colorado real estate Lawyer before purchasing a house can protect you from considerable headaches.

It is a great idea to obtain the support of a skilled Denver real estate attorney who handles real estate-related cases.

There are some significant benefits of acquiring the help of an experienced real estate attorney when buying a house.

  1. Simplify Real Estate Related Laws – A real estate lawyer will guide you through complex real estate laws, so you can bypass legal issues associated with a real estate purchase. An experienced real estate attorney will also help you prepare the purchase and sale documents to ensure they conform to the legal requirements and protect you as the buyer. In this way, you will have recourse since the documents will be legally enforceable if you ever had to file a lawsuit against the seller for violating any term of the sales agreement.
  2. Uncover Hidden Pitfalls – The second benefit of hiring a real estate attorney before buying a house is they can help you discover hidden issues related to a property. The real estate attorney will assist you in probing complex issues, such as whether the seller is the true owner or a homeowner’s relative. If there is a renter, make sure there aren’t any issues with the lease. And, maybe as important as any other reason, making sure that the title commitment actually protects your interests as a buyer.  Many buyers mistakenly believe that the title commitment is there to protect them, but don’t understand that the title company is really just pointing out items that they will NOT insure.  Moreover, legal problems can arise if the seller is not the sole owner of the house and sells without approval from the other owner(s). A real estate attorney will provide expert legal help to avoid many other potential problems, including boundary disputes, tax issues, oil and gas rights, recorded and unrecorded easements, etc. The legal guidance of the real estate lawyer will be invaluable in avoiding future property-related problems and lawsuits.
  3. Fulfill the Role of an Intermediary – A real estate professional can also perform an intermediary role in a real estate transaction. The attorney can expertly negotiate with the seller on your behalf. This is especially useful when the client isn’t using a real estate agent. Also, the attorney can hold your closing funds in escrow, if a traditional closing company isn’t used. The benefits above reveal why hiring a real estate attorney is vital before buying a house. 

An adept lawyer will examine real estate-related legal matters to ensure you don’t face costly legal battles after purchasing the property. If you want the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney in Colorado, you should not hesitate to contact Baker Law Group. Our Denver real estate lawyers have years of experience providing expert, honest, and impartial guidance on real estate transactions.

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