The Discovery Process in a Colorado Defamation Case 

The discovery phase of a defamation case yields a lot of evidence. In anticipation of the trial, both sides exchange information during the pre-trial stage known as discovery. This time period is different for each kind of case and each jurisdiction.

In a case involving defamation, common methods of discovery include:

  • interrogatories (questions the other party must answer in writing and under oath)
  • depositions (a question-and-answer session under oath)
  • requests for the production of documents
  • requests for admissions, and
  • subpoenas.

Denver lawyerIn general, the rules for evidence during discovery are laxer than those at trial. During a trial, for instance, evidence needs to be relevant, meaning that it tends to prove or disprove a crucial fact. Typically, during discovery, the evidence must only be able to reasonably point to other issues that could affect a case issue.

Discovery can cost a lot of money and take a long time. The majority of defamation lawsuit costs are incurred through discovery. A thorough understanding of the rules governing evidence and familiarity with legal tactics are required for an effective discovery strategy. Having a skilled Colorado defamation lawyer on your side is essential.

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