What Colorado Estate Planning Documents Should I Have If Something Happens to Me? 

Denver lawyerWhile the specific needs of individuals, couples, and business owners may vary, we recommend that most estate plans be comprised of at least the following documents: 
  • Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive is to designate someone you trust to make medical decisions if you cannot and to express your wishes regarding those decisions. 
  • General Durable Power of Attorney is to designate someone you trust to handle your financial affairs on your behalf during your life if you are unable to do so. 
  • Will and/or Trust expresses your wishes for who will manage your estate after your death and how your assets will be distributed. 
  • Living Will is to state your wishes for end-of-life medical care. 
  • Instructions for Disposition of Last Remains is to clearly express your wishes for how your remains are disposed of and any memorial or funeral events are handled. 
  • Appointment of Guardian for Minors is to express your wishes for who will care for your minor children if you cannot do so.

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