What is an Affidavit of Collection of Personal Property?

Understanding Affidavits for Property Collection

An Affidavit of Collection of Personal Property, also known as a small estate affidavit, allows the collection of a decedent’s property in cases where opening a probate case is unnecessary. 

Denver LawyerAn interested person can complete this affidavit, setting forth their interest in the case, the assets they wish to collect, and the intended plan for distributing those assets when accumulated. 

For example, if the decedent’s only asset was a bank account with $20,000 with no named beneficiary and no joint owner, an Affidavit of Collection of Personal Property could be used to collect this account.

One of the decedent’s children could fill out the affidavit, present it to the bank, collect the account, and divide it equally with their siblings.

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