What is an Eviction?

Evicting Is An Action of Expelling a Tenant From a Property

A forced entry and detainer action or eviction is the legal action a landlord takes when they need to remove a tenant from the landlord’s property. There are many reasons for a landlord to evict a client from the property, starting with the most common which is the tenant failing to pay rent to other obscure violations of the lease or even in situations when the landlord does not realize they became a landlord at all before needing to bring an eviction action.

Denver lawyerAll evictions start with a landlord, tenant relationship. This type of relationship occurs whenever a person who owns land allows another person to rent or stay on their land for an extended period of time.

Usually, the landlord and tenant enter into a lease that spells out the terms of how long the tenant is allowed to stay on the property and what the tenant will do to compensate the landlord.

In the modern era, the tenant will pay the landlord rent in return for their lease. Not all landlord-tenant relationships come from a written lease. People can even enter landlord-tenant relationships simply by letting their friend sleep on their couch for an extended period of time. 

The most common evictions start when a tenant does not pay their rent. The tenant stops paying rent for whatever reason and the landlord decides to kick them out. The process of eviction is shorter than most other legal actions, but it can still take time. Notices have to be given to the tenant, the tenant has to be given time to “cure” the deficiency by either paying the rent they owe or fixing whatever else it might be they are doing in violation of the lease.

After that, there is a hearing where a judge hears the reasons for the eviction and any defenses the tenant might have. Only after that hearing could the landlord potentially force the tenant to leave. If you are involved in an eviction you should contact an attorney immediately. Evictions can stay on your public record and make it hard for you to find new housing or secure credit.

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