What is Included in an Opinion Letter?

An opinion letter, particularly in the legal context, is a formal document provided by an attorney offering a professional evaluation regarding a specific legal matter or transaction. Often used in business deals, mergers, acquisitions, or financial transactions, these letters serve as a reliable tool for parties to understand the legal implications of their actions. But what precisely is contained within an opinion letter? Let’s break it down for those seeking clarity, especially within the jurisdiction of Colorado.

1. Introduction:

This section generally identifies the attorney or law firm providing the opinion, the client or parties to whom the opinion is addressed, and any specific requests or points that need to be covered or will be addressed in the letter.

2. Facts:

The opinion letter will detail the facts upon which the opinion is based. These can include a description of a business transaction, property details, or any other relevant information. The more specific and detailed the facts, the more precise the opinion can be.

3. Assumptions:

Lawyers might make certain assumptions when drafting their opinions. These assumptions are explicitly stated so that the recipient understands the basis on which the opinion is provided.

4. Opinion:

This is the core of the letter. Here, the attorney will provide their professional judgment on the legal matter in question. It may address the legality of a transaction, the risks involved, or how a court might interpret a particular agreement or statute.

5. Qualifications or Limitations:

Opinions aren’t always absolute. An attorney might limit their opinion to particular laws or jurisdictions. For instance, an opinion provided by a Colorado law firm might solely relate to Colorado state laws, excluding federal or other states’ regulations.

6. Reliance:

The letter will state who can rely on the opinion. Typically, it’s the addressee of the letter, but in certain circumstances, third parties might be permitted to rely on the opinion as well.

7. Miscellaneous Provisions:

These can include disclaimers, further limitations, or any other relevant details the attorney deems necessary to include to clarify the context or scope of the opinion.

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