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What is the Difference Between an Opinion Letter and a Demand Letter in Colorado

The legal landscape is punctuated by various documents, each with its purpose and relevance. Among them, opinion letters and demand letters are two vital instruments that play distinct roles in legal transactions and disputes. These documents serve unique functions, and understanding their differences can be pivotal for parties navigating the legal terrain.

Opinion Letter

An opinion letter is a formal document where an attorney provides a legal analysis or perspective about a specific issue or circumstance. Often requested by a client, these letters can address diverse subjects such as the validity of a patent, the legality of a specific business transaction, or the potential liabilities of a proposed action. An opinion letter represents the attorney’s understanding and interpretation of the law. These letters do not necessarily require any action from the recipient but rather offer insights and clarity on complex legal matters.

Demand Letter

On the other hand, a demand letter is a formal letter sent to an individual or entity, asserting a legal right and typically requesting some form of restitution or action to rectify a perceived wrong.

In dispute resolution, demand letters can address issues like unpaid debts, breach of contract, or personal injury claims.

The purpose of a demand letter is twofold: first, to inform the recipient of the sender’s claim and intentions, and second, to prompt the recipient to undertake a specific action, such as making a payment or ceasing an infringing activity.

Unlike opinion letters, demand letters often serve as a precursor to litigation if the demands are not met within a stipulated time frame.


While both opinion letters and demand letters are crucial tools in the legal profession, their purposes, content, and implications differ significantly. An opinion letter elucidates and interprets the law about a specific scenario, whereas a demand letter seeks remediation for a perceived wrong. Recognizing these two differences can help determine the appropriate course of action and the best way to address legal challenges.

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